About Us


The clock tower on Mount Markham Middle School

Mount Markham is located in the Mohawk Valley-Central New York area and is the second largest school district in Herkimer County. Our school district covers 4 counties and many townships. 

Mount Markham is a consolidated school district which began in 1969. At that time, three small central school districts (Bridgewater, Leonardsville, and West Winfield) merged to form Mount Markham.  This district is considered rural with many small hamlets and villages scattered throughout the two hundred square miles that form Mount Markham's boundaries.  The cultural and language differences are practically nonexistent.  Many families in this district have multi-generations in this geographic area.  

Mount Markham is a large diverse community sharing a common rural heritage. Every Mount Markham child is a gift to be appreciated and nurtured.  Together, we will challenge and inspire our children to be life-long learners.