Mount Markham Board of Education

Board of Education Members

Jay Kulczak (President),  -  Term Expires: 2026

Cynthia Miller (Vice-President),  -  Term Expires: 2024

Philip Casler,  -  Term Expires: 2025

Kathleen Entwistle, - Term Expires: 2026

Robert Cross,  -  Term Expires: 2025

Thomas Huxtable,  -  Term Expires: 2024

Jennifer Maine, jmaine@mmcsd.og  -  Term Expires: 2026

Who We Are; What We Believe; Our Mission Statement:

Mount Markham is a large, diverse community sharing a common rural heritage. Every Mount Markham child is a gift to be appreciated and nurtured. Together, we will challenge and inspire our children to become lifelong learners.

Mount Markham Central Schools District Goals & Strategic Plan

In order to create a clearly defined vision for success and a system of accountability necessary to support that vision, the Mount Markham Board of Education has developed the following goals to guide the progress of the district. Each building will develop goals that support district goals and address building needs. District goals, along with building goals, are developed using a shared decision making model and measurable benchmarks are used and reported regularly to assess progress.

Based Upon the Pathway to Excellence Initiative

  • The Mount Markham Central School is committed to Excellence in Academic Programs & Outcomes

  • The Mount Markham Central School is committed to Excellence in Preparation for Life Success & Citizenship

  • The Mount Markham Central School District is committed to Excellence in Community Engagement & Wellness

  • The Mount Markham Central School is committed to Excellence in Operations, Facilities & Fiscal Management

  • (click here to review the complete District Goals & Strategic Plan

The Board is composed of seven members, elected by the public, who serve three-year terms of office without paid compensation. No person or group of persons acts in the name of the Board. All motions require a majority vote before the Board can act. A Board member is in official capacity only during an official Board meeting.

The Board of Education is the policy making body for the School District. The Superintendent is responsible for the execution of the policies set by the Board. The general responsibilities of the Board are to:

  • Select the Superintendent of Schools as chief school officer to operate the school district

  • Identify District philosophy and direction

  • Adopt District goals; monitor and evaluate progress toward achieving goals

  • Recommend a budget for voter approval

  • Communicate District needs to the community

  • Approve staff appointments

  • Oversee supervision of district buildings and facilities

  • Ensure safe transportation for pupils

The Superintendent of Schools is responsible for the implementation of the educational programs and policies adopted by the Board, and the execution of all decisions made by the Board concerning the internal operations of the school system. The Superintendent advises the Board on matters related to the effective management of the schools.